How to Know When It’s Time to Sell Your Fairbanks AK Home

    postit-note-for-sale-1427182Summer is indeed a popular time to move to a new home in Fairbanks, Salcha, Delta Junction, North Pole and the surrounding areas, but how can you tell if it’s the right time for you? Madden Real Estate has helped many homeowners sell their properties and start fresh in a new Alaska home and we’re sharing a few ways to tell if the timing is right below.

    If moving to a new home in Alaska has crossed your mind this year, be sure to consider the following reasons to make that dream a reality:

    You want to live in a different neighborhood
    According to a new real estate survey, this is one of the most popular reasons homeowners decide to put their properties up for sale. You’ve heard the phrase location, location, location, but it rings even more true for Alaskan homeowners who feel they belong in another area. Either for commuting purposes, schools or even amenities, your desire to live in a different neighborhood is one way to tell it’s time to move on.

    You want different home features
    Spring and summer are great seasons to renovate your home in Alaska, but not everyone has the budget or time for a complete makeover. Your desire for home features like updated appliances, wood flooring, or a ranch-style versus a two-story is reason enough to consider listing your home this year and finding a property that makes better sense for you.

    You need more space
    The need for more space—in the form of a larger yard, garage, basement, extra bedrooms or bathrooms—is a big motivator for homeowners in Alaska. It is not uncommon for young families to outgrow their current homes and need to move to a bigger property or even find you need a home that allows for more storage. This is one simple way to identify your need to sell and move to a new home!

    You want a home with a better view or lifestyle
    Homes in Fairbanks, Salcha, Delta Junction, North Pole and the surrounding areas can vary greatly and that may be one reason for you to sell in favor of a home that better suits your lifestyle. For instance, do you want to be closer to water, the mountains, or wake up every day to a scenic view? Now is a great time in the real estate market to make that your new normal!

    There are different motivators to sell your home depending on your age group and your lifestyle, but listing what you truly want and need in a home may allow you to identify whether your current property makes sense or if it’s time to start over in a new space or location.

    Do not hesitate to give Madden Real Estate a call for more information about selling your home this year!

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