What To Do After You Move Into A New Home In Fairbanks Alaska

    keys-1316936Moving into a new home in Fairbanks Alaska is exciting, but that doesn’t mean your to-do list ends at the closing! There are more important tasks to take care of before you can fully settle in, more so than decorating and hauling away items you don’t like.

    Do take some time to enjoy your new Fairbanks home, but soon after, you’ll want to get started on these five projects:

    • Change the Locks
      Before you start moving furniture around, change the locks on your new home— or at the very least, have them re-keyed. You never know who may have a key to your home, from babysitters to maintenance experts to friends and neighbors. Even if you’re familiar with the sellers themselves, it is wise to have the locks changed as an added safety precaution.
    • Change Batteries
      When you move into a new Fairbanks home, you want everything to be in proper working order, including alarms! Make sure your fire and carbon monoxide alarms have fresh batteries as these are the types of things that can be ignored or forgotten during all of the chaos a move to a new Fairbanks, North Pole, Fort Wainwright, Eielson AFB area home can bring.
    • Address Water Issues
      Refer back to the inspector’s report and take the time to address any water issues that may be listed. A leaky toilet may not seem pressing right now, but a slow and steady drip can cause serious damage over time. Many water-related issues with Fairbanks homes can be filed away under “out-of-sight, out-of-mind,” but it’s better to deal with them sooner rather than later.
    • Find Circuit Breakers
      When moving, you will likely be plugging all kinds of appliances and gadgets into the wall. As a safety measure, find the circuit breakers! If you were present for the inspection, you may already know where to find the box, but if not, this should be one of the first things you do when you are handed the keys.Have a spouse or friend stand in different areas of the home while you flip the switches on and off. Make notes of which ones handle certain rooms so you know just where to go when there are electrical-related issues.
    • Plan Emergency Exits
      Planning the furniture layout of your new Fairbanks area home may be one of the most exciting parts of the moving process, but safety does come first. Walk through each room and decide how you would escape during an emergency. Not only does this help you prepare for these unexpected times, but it can identify problem areas like where you may need to add a window in the basement.

    As your Fairbanks Alaska real estate experts, Madden Real Estate is happy to help you with the entire homebuying process— from home search to home closing and beyond. Contact us today for a list of available homes in the Fairbanks, North Pole, Fort Wainwright, Eielson AFB area.


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