Should You Sell Your Alaska Home Now Or Wait Until Spring?

    snow-textures-2-1509173If you’re planning to sell your home this year, the question has likely already crossed your mind— Should you list your Fairbanks area home now or wait until spring? It’s important to recognize that homebuyers are no longer hibernating this time of year, in fact, they continue to search for homes in Alaska year-round!

    Listing your home in Fairbanks, North Pole, Fort Wainwright and the surrounding areas allows you to take advantage of the lack of competition in the market, as well as buyer demand. So before you write off the winter months, take a look at the following reasons to sell now:

    Fewer homes for sale
    Traditionally, spring is the time of year when many Alaskans decide to make a move, either purchasing a new home for the first time or selling their current property. It is also the time when competition among home sellers increases significantly! A new study from the National Association of Realtors found there were just over 1.8 million homes listed in January of last year and by May, that number jumped to over 2.2 million.

    With homebuyers out looking for properties right now, waiting until spring when you will have greater competition could mean you miss the opportunity to put your home in front of the motivated buyers currently in the market.

    Buyers are ready to move
    Just as I mentioned above, Alaskan homebuyers browse available properties year-round, whether online, on mobile apps or through email alerts. They are constantly searching for the right home, no matter the season! On another note, early in the new year is a popular time for relocation and the start of new job positions. Many buyers in the market have a strong reason to move and your home could be just what they are looking for!

    Winter is perfect for staging
    Home staging is ranked among the top factors that help a home to sell, in addition to working with an expert real estate agent! For this reason alone, winter is perfect for creating a warm, inviting home that Fairbanks AK buyers will naturally feel drawn to. A fire in the fireplace and soft lighting are just two of many elements home sellers can use when appealing to winter buyers.

    While many consider the busy spring real estate season the only successful time to sell, winter has its own set of advantages for Alaskan homeownersMadden Real Estate can help you prepare your home for an efficient sale this year, as well as answer any questions you have about the home selling process or current real estate market.

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