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    Organizing the Garage, Basement in Your Fairbanks AK Home This Summer

    file000268438683Summer is the perfect season to get organized! The weather is great, the weekends are full of time for home improvement projects and the kids are out of school— which means more help for you! Now is the time to tackle the garage and basement, finally creating an official storage space with shelving and a spot for every item you have stored.

    As you plan to organize these areas of your Fairbanks, Alaska home this summer, here are five tips to start you off on the right track:

    Clear a path
    Storing sports equipment, seasonal decorations and memories for years and years can quickly pile up— making it especially difficult to move around freely in these spaces. Start your organization project by clearing the stairways and doors to your storage areas.

    Add more lighting
    Chances are your basement or garage do not have sufficient lighting and thus, it’s one of the reasons you’ve avoided clearing it out. Grab an extension cord and plug in a bright lamp so you can get to work! Or better yet, consider installing ceiling lights in these spaces so each time you need to find something, it’s less of a hassle!

    Give the spaces a rating
    Now it’s time to rate your garage or basement in Fairbanks, AK so you can determine how much work will need to be done. Give the spaces a rating (1 being low risk, 2 moderate risk and 3 high risk) in each of the following categories: Flooding, ventilation (checking for trapped air), extreme temperatures, rodents and bugs, mildew and moisture. Each of these factors can potentially compromise the belongings you have stored there and the rating will help you decide in which new containers or locations they should be placed.

    Decide what can be stored
    If you gave your Fairbanks garage or basement a low rating, you can likely store more things there. From clothing to photos, decor and memorabilia, simply place in plastic tubs with lids either on shelving or stacked with labels detailing each one’s contents. If you gave the spaces a high rating, you need to be more careful about what you store there. There are certain items that may be better suited for closets inside your home to minimize risk of loss or damage.

    Find a spot for everything
    Remember, the higher the storage, the more you can store! Storage racks and tables on wheels can also make it easier for you to access your items while keeping them off of the floor. In addition, consider bringing in hooks and hardware to hang items like garden tools, scissors, hats, sports equipment and outdoor clothing to bring them up to eye level.

    You can count on Madden Real Estate to make your life easier, whether you’re a homeowner or potential homebuyer this summer! If you’re ready to make a move in Fairbanks, North Pole, Fort Wainwright, Delta Junction or Eielson AFB, give us a call! We’re ready to help!

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